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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions !

DGA Courier Service is an international company with a lot of experience and proven international authority, which has taken all the responsibility for the protection of personal data and life of its users, as well as their full protection.

As we all know, this data is the data that a company has access to in connection with its business and that pertains to you, such as your real name, address, phone number, bank account and other billing information, your passwords, etc.

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With the publication of our Terms

With the publication of our Terms & conditions, we try to present to the user understandable, clear and precise different aspects of our work together with respect to each contract for courier services we offer:

  • Which of your personal data we collect, and they are subjected to processing to your advantage as our user using this site and our services.
  • How we use your personal information.
  • Why, in what way and for how long we keep your personal data.
  • To whom we have the right to disclose your personal data.
  • What are your rights as a carrier of your personal data?

The terms under consideration here & conditions apply to you when, as a customer, you visit our official website at for one reason or another, and when you use our services in one or other direction of our courier services.

Courier and Administrator of personal data

In the present case your courier and administrator of your personal data is the DGA Courier Service… Based… Address… Mall….

The company collects and processes all your personal data in full compliance with UK and European Union law to fully protect your user rights in each case.

Basic definitions

Payable person

This is the person who has the registration holder of an account when booking a courier. This is a reservation for the collection, transportation and delivery of a specific shipment, requested by telephone, by mail address or via the website


The individual or the company to which the courier and the personal data controller delivers the relevant shipment on the payable person/shipper’s request is considered as the recipient.


The shipment is the goods, documentation or correspondence sent by the payable person/consignor by courier to consignee according to the contract, prices and terms.


A client is deemed to be any physical going or company who purchases services from DGA courier service, related to express courier services for the same day.

Customer’s equipment

For the equipment of the client is accepted each type of equipment, security systems, cable securing and another type of facility, which are provided by the Courier customer himself and are used in some way for the delivery of the respective courier service.

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are defined as goods and supplies as defined by the regulations on the Transport of Dangerous goods on the roads of 1996, as well as any other substance which may cause or encourage the emergence of illness, parasites, pests or similar Human and environmental hazards. All dangerous.

Rejection of dangerous goods

All dangerous goods must be disclosed by the customer in advance, otherwise the courier does not accept or carry such dangerous goods. Once such goods have been accepted by the courier, they must be classified, safely packaged and labelled in accordance with all the legal provisions relating to the carriage of specific dangerous goods.


This concept shall include the definition of any written document, any drawing, map, plan, diagram, design, picture, tape, disc, or record containing documentary information in any form whatsoever.


This is the address for delivery of the respective shipment to the courier at the time of its request


The owner shall be the legal holder of the delivery or any party with interest in the shipment.

Courier Services

These are the professional courier services for the same day, which are offered by courier according to the provisions of this Agreement, including all other services offered by courier in the branch of courier services.


The work schedule is a part of the agreement in question and is effective once they are mentioned in this agreement and the arrangements between courier and customer.


Each consignee upon delivery of the shipment must check it for damage and integrity, before signing the documents for its receipt by the courier. If there is an established damage to the shipment, insurance claims can only be processed if
Delivery is signed as such, otherwise the digging cannot accept claim is for the loss or damage of the shipment.


Each request is submitted by a customer to a courier via phone, e-mail or through the platform of the website

Cancel Request

The Courier reserves the right to refuse to accept a delivery request.


The Courier reserves the right to inspect each shipment.


Courier reserves the right not to accept liability for losses incurred in connection with shipments that contain money or their equivalents, including bank cards, credit cards or mobile phones, if the customer has not received the written consent of the courier to Deliver. The same goes for jewellery, precious metal, gold bullion, precious stones, antiques, objects of art, human remains or any living being.


In the case of insurance and limitation of financial responsibility in respect of the
Shipments collected and delivered to the United Kingdom, Courier has an insurance policy to cover the shipment in transit and the insurance coverage limit is £10,000.00 vehicle.
If the value of the shipment exceeds £10.000, the customer must notify the
Courier at the request, then the additional fee can be paid.
The insurance does not cover dangerous goods, undelivered or unclaimed goods.


Transit itself to a shipment is considered to have started as soon as the courier takes over the
Possession and transportation of the shipment. Transit ends with delivery of the shipment to the addressee.

Obligations of Courier

  • The courier retracts the requested shipment from the sender’s address within 1 hour of the request.
  • The courier delivers the requested shipment to the consignee within the same day.
  • Courier guarantees the security of the shipment.
  • Courier takes responsibility for the loss or damage to the shipment caused by his fault.

Customer’s obligations

  • The customer must cooperate with the courier on any matter related to courier services.
  • The customer must provide the courier with their representatives
  • Contractors and employees as well as access to the client’s premises.
  • The customer must provide information to the courier about all health and safety conditions, the security rules and regulations that apply on the client’s premises.
  • The customer must provide complete and accurate information about the booking conditions.
  • The customer must ensure payment of the full value of the shipment.

Insurance of the shipment is done only on receipt of explicit

Instructions on the part of the client and is the subject of the insurance company.


If for any reason this agreement is to be passed on, the client is obliged to immediately pay to the courier all amounts of outstanding invoices and interest, and in respect of the services supplied, except for which no invoice has been submitted, The courier can submit an invoice, Which is paid immediately upon receipt.


The customer indemnifies the courier for any loss incurred by the courier as a result of any fault of these terms and conditions by the client, such as fraud, error, false representation of information or omission by the client or the recipient.

Term of storage and deletion of personal data

Our company is obligated not to store your personal data for a period longer than the purposes of processing for which they are used. Your personal data is used on the company platform entirely during the period of your active registration, and now of the requested deregistration and deletion of your account, they will be deleted.

For the same period, DGA Courier Service has taken all possible measures to ensure your personal data is fully protected. For this period, they are only available to employees or to the subcontractors of the company and only for the purpose of protecting your interests.