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Same day deliveries in Leicester!

Leicester is one of the cities where DGA courier services provides a good professional reception. We guarantee will will deliver your parcel on the same day.

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No Call Centres, Direct Contact With Our Friendly Team!

Leicester is located in central England in the county of Leicestershire . Its population is about 350 000 people and has the largest economy in the East Midlands with a focus on production of textiles, clothing and footwear.

For the satisfaction of our clients in the city, we have removed the mediation of the call centers and communicate directly with team member.

In Leicester, our team collects your parcels within 60 minutes of the application and delivers them on the same to any point in the United Kingdom.

Guaranteed Same Day Delivery!

We give full guarantees that your emergency shipments will be delivered within the day which they are sent. To and from Leicester, as well as anywhere in the UK, our deliveries are fast, secure and without delay.

Guarantee for fast and quality courier service is our wonderful working local team,our extensive national network, the experience and training of the couriers, as well as the modern and reliable fleet of DGA Courier Services.

At the same time our clients have the unique opportunity to track their shipments in real time during their movement from point A to point B.

Your urgent and priority shipments reach their destination on time as well as your security and peace of mind are always a priority task.

Trusted Same Day Courier Services!

Statistics show that for the entire history of the company, we have no lost, delayed or damaged consignment, and deliveries are always made on time.

A major reason of this is the human factor, so that in the face of our couriers you always will find trusted delivery experts.

Our employees possess the necessary experience, knowledge and personal qualities to entrust their competent hands for your shipments, whether it is parcel, letter or important company document.

All of the local team in Leicester were tested in hundreds of deliveries and thousands of travelled miles. They are reliable, loyal and discreet and work entirely for the comfort of customer.

Best Local Courier Services!

DGA Courier Service offers the highest quality courier service at local level in Leicester and Region. We operate in areas such as Hamilton, New Parks, West End, Stocking Farm, Knighton, Evington, Braunstone or for example Westcotes.

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To secure your urgent and priority shipments, immediately contact our local team in Leicester!

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